Wastewater Pumps

Submersible Pumps Vortex Impeller

Vortex – Impeller suitable for lifting of sewage liquids, civil waste and industrial water containing solids and viscous materials, heavy muds raw or fermented sludge. Applications: urban sewage plants, lifting water plants. High head – High performance – Wide free passage. The choice of suitable impeller is critical for safe and economic operation of lifting equipment. The shape of the impeller to choose depends on the type of fluid to convey, by size and by the amount of solids contained in it and from the viscosity.

Submersible Pumps Grinder

GT Series pumps are intended for use in raw sewage, waste water, and heavy-duty industrial applications where the pump may become clogged by over-sized debris. Cutter pumps are typically equipped with a vortex impeller. The pump includes a cutting device and a strong iron serrated casing cover to cut incoming materials into bits, allowing for smooth transit through the pump and into the discharge piping. The job of a cutter pump is also to minimize the size of the solids. Cutter pumps are commonly used to clear blockages and rags.

Submersible Pumps Single Channel Impeller

The MA series submersible sewage pumps are equipped with a semi-open single channel impeller that allows them to handle fibrous material without clogging. It is capable of handling solids up to 112″ in diameter. Pumping municipal wastewater, industrial waste water, landfill waste water, rain water, and activated sludge is possible with these pumps.

Submersible Pumps Multi-Channel Impeller

The KC Series submersible sewage pumps include a multi vane design that improves performance by allowing for bigger solid passages up to 6.5″ in diameter. The closed multi vane impeller for solids-laden and muddy fluids provides the maximum waste water efficiency. These pumps may pump municipal waste water, industrial waste water, landfill waste water, rain water, and activated sludge, among other things.

Submersible Agitators and Mixers

Submersible mixers are energy efficient suitable for a wide range of applications in industry and municipal treatment plants. They provide the right solution to match mixing tasks for agitating, blending, mixing, dissolving and suspension of solids in industry and municipal treatment plants. TP series are incorporated with gear box.

Vertical Sump Pumps

End suction pumps can be supplied in vertical configuration as sump pumps to handle various types of liquid for various industrial purposes. These pumps are available with enclosed or semi-open impellers and a variety of construction materials. The maximum suspended length is 5m.

Mobile Dewatering Pumps

The WD series skid-mounted well point and general-purpose dewatering pumps are designed to handle raw water, muddy water, sewage, and semi-solid liquids. These pumps include a vacuum pump and a priming tank for automatic self-priming and re-priming. The gasoline tank is designed to provide continuous fuel supply for 24 hours of operation. These pumps are available with off-road four-wheel solid rubber tyres. The pump’s custom-designed double mechanical seal ensures flawless sealing and leak-free operation. Oil bath style stuffing box ensures mechanical seal endurance and eliminates dry run during initial start-up.

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