Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps – ECH Series

Slurry pumps are designed specifically to handle liquids that contain solid particles. These pumps are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries, including mining, dredging, power, and steel. They are built to accommodate different types of slurry, which can differ in terms of solid concentration, particle size, particle shape, and solution composition.

One of the key features of slurry pumps is the use of dynamically balanced Hi-Chrome impellers. These impellers are made of white iron with 25% chromium added to make them less brittle. This helps to ensure dependable operation and reduces the risk of damage or failure.

In the mining industry, slurry pumps are often used to transfer abrasive solids. These pumps are built to handle harsh conditions and to withstand the wear and tear caused by the abrasive materials they transport. They are also commonly used in dredging operations to pump slurry from one location to another. In power and steel plants, slurry pumps are used to transfer solids and liquids in various processes.

Slurry pumps are available in a variety of designs and constructions. Some pumps feature metal walled single casings, while others come with variable speed options. The metal walled single casing design is ideal for applications where durability and strength are key, while variable speed options allow for greater flexibility in terms of flow rate and pressure.

In terms of maintenance, slurry pumps are designed to be easy to maintain and service. Many pumps come with easily accessible parts that can be quickly replaced, which helps to minimize downtime and reduce costs. Additionally, many slurry pumps are equipped with wear-resistant materials that help to extend the life of the pump and reduce the need for repairs or replacements.

In conclusion, slurry pumps are an essential component in a wide range of industries. They are designed to handle liquids that contain solid particles, and are highly versatile. Their use of dynamically balanced Hi-Chrome impellers, metal walled single casings and variable speed options make them suitable for a wide range of applications and environments. With their durability, strength and easy maintenance, slurry pumps are perfect for any industry that needs to transfer abrasive solids or liquids.

Slurry Pumps

Features and benefits

  • Tangential discharge casing
  • Hard metal and wide passage closed impeller
  • Large oil sump with oil mist / oil bath lubrication for prolonged bearing life


  • Mineral & ore processing
  • Cyclone feed & underflow
  • Tailing disposal
  • Lime & clay slurry
  • Classifier & thickener application
  • High density slurry & sludge
  • Coal & ash slurry
  • Beach sand recovery

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