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Centrifugal pumps are frequently utilized in the HVAC sector as air conditioner pumps. The liquid is attracted toward the motor as it rotates due to the centrifugal force it produces, and is then ejected into the aperture of the volute.

Between the water inlet and exit of the pump, the pump creates a differential pressure. The water is able to flow through the pipes thanks to this pressure difference. A single-speed, dual-speed, or variable-speed motor may be employed. Due to its greater efficiency and control, the more complex variable speed motor that can change its speed and is connected to the building management system is being utilized more frequently. The impeller speed can be adjusted to the system load by altering the pump motor’s speed.

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Vertical In-Line Pumps

VS/VC Series

Close coupled, single stage, top pull out vertical inline pumps are designed to be compact and rigid. The top pull out design allows for the motor, motor bracket, and impeller to be removed without harming the casing or pipe work. Inline construction simplifies piping and saves a lot of floor space when compared to other types of pumps. Close coupled pumps are available with regular and high-efficiency motors.

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Split Case Pumps

SCW Series

Case with Horizontal Split Single stage double suction centrifugal pumps are intended to give a higher flow rate at the specified operating head. The hydraulic balance provided by the double suction impeller with between bearing design eliminates axial thrust.

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End Suction Cast Iron Series

ECW Series

The ECW series features a single stage, end suction, back draw out, and top centreline discharge. These are available in a variety of building materials to handle both clear and muddy raw water. For long life, a dynamically balanced impeller ensures vibration and noise free operation.

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